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Exchange BTC Bitcoin to USD PayPal

Fee: 12%, min 3.5E-5 BTC (exchange rate: 30000)

You'll give:
You'll get:
BTC Bitcoin    
USD PayPal    
You'll send: BTC You'll get: USD PayPal
PayPal account*: i  
Comment to Transaction: i  
You need to have: BTC
Included fee of service: BTC
You agree with Agreement
  1. First check if your PP acc can recieve payments here, if not, we'll return payment without our fee.
We pay from our added to PP CC, so money as 'clean' as possible.
PayPal take fee from receiver (3.4% - 4.9% + Fixed Fee varies from country).
  2. Pay in 15 min after order confirming, or exchange rate can be changed.